About us

Market Seafood provides Calgarians with the best fresh fish and seafood. Over the past 12 years we’ve Built our business upon providing fresh, quality seafood to our customers at the Calgary farmers’ market.

We bring in the whole fish, packed on ice, then break it down right in our shop for maximum quality and freshness.

About Market Seafood

Calgary’s top choice for fresh fish and seafood.

For 12 years Brian Plunkett and his team have been educating Calgarians about fish and seafood, all the while selling the freshest product you can buy in Calgary. Grilled, fried, steamed, or even sushi-grade, Market Seafood has a fish for you.

At Market Seafood anyone you speak to understands the product, how to properly handle it, and how to cook it. All seafood is also clearly labelled as either ‘wild caught’ or ‘farm raised’ (ask us and we can even tell you where in Canada the fish came from).

Meet Brian Plunkett, owner of Market Seafood

For 12 years Brian Plunkett’s name has been synonymous with Seafood in Calgary.

Following 40 years as a chef, Brian sought out a change. Having enjoyed working with fish, handling it, and cooking it: he decided to enter the fish business. Back when Brian first started, Seafood was relatively uncommon in Calgary, fresh seafood was even more-so.

“There is no self checkout here, we’re excited to help our customers by providing them fresh fish, and educating them on it. We care about who you are, we remember when you come every week. It’s a much closer relationship.” ~ Brian Plunkett